Wood Chips Vietnam

Vietnam Wood chips are used for pulp and paper production

Wood chips are small pieces of wood that have been created by running wood through a shredder, breaking it into uniformly sized chips. There are a number of uses for wood chips, and there are often several ways to obtain them, depending on where one lives and for what purpose one wants to use them. Applycation: Fuel, pellet production, MDF, chipboard production, biomass..

Product Name
Vietnam Wood chips
Acacia & Eucalyptus
Thickness 4 to 10 mm
Quantity 100,000mt per months
Shape Chips
Moisture 10-25% and are produced from trees aged 4-7 years old.
In Bulk
Min order

Wood chips may be used as a biomass solid fuel and are raw material for producing wood pulp. They may also be used as an organic mulch in gardening, landscaping, restoration ecology and mushroom cultivation.

– Wood chips size about 45mm = 5% Air Dry Weight or less
– Wood chips size of 9.5mm – 45mm = 75% Air Dry Weight or more
– Wood chips size of 4.8mm-9.5mm = 13% Air Dry Weight or less
– Wood chips size below 4.8 mm  = 4% Air Dry Weight or less
– Bark & rot  = 3% Air Dry Weight or less
– Wood chips different for as maximum of  ± 10%

Our top priority is quality control and to be satisfied even the most fastidious customers.

  1. Wood chips with right size, satisfactory will be conveyed by the conveyor system to the yards according to a preprogrammed process.
  2. Wood chips not the right size will be returned to the wood chipping machine to be reprocessed to standard size and then transferred back to the yards.
  3. Wood chips with small size and bark left over will be transferred to another private yard.
  4. After through the process of checking the dryness of wood chips according to prescribed standards follow terms has signed on the sales contract.

Wood chips Vietnam – We have 2 options as follows (please note that specs can be adapted to your requirements)